Our Store

Our new store, close to London’s Oxford Street combines a coffee shop and eatery with an e-bike and wellness / lifestyle store serving as a blueprint for the first of many.

The venue is set over two levels and great thought has been put into all aspects of the business, from the beautiful design and furnishings to the highly curated products, quality of produce, sustainability, and delicious food – all made on site. We will also host monthly events featuring highly qualified and respected guest speakers from the wellness and scientific communities.

The menu will focus mainly on healthy offerings such as smoothie bowls, fresh and delicious salads, keto-friendly snacks, vegan masterpieces, and vegetarian specialities. We will also offer some guilty pleasures to accompany only the finest of coffees and other hot and cold beverages. One of our business features is that we will only sell products we have tested and we believe are best in class.

Our Food

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food
Hippocrates 300BC

Recent studies have spawned a revolution in therapeutic power of lifestyle intervention with food being the most powerful one of all. This is the inspiration behind the philosophy of Lavelle’s food offering.

Many of our product contain food combinations that work synergistically to give known health benefits.

We do not add any preservatives or other nasty chemicals to any of the food we make. For sweetness we use agave or honey or maple syrup and our cakes have the minimum amount of sweetener added.


Eco-sustainability All our packaging is compostable so this means it can be composted even with food waste attached. Recyclable packaging on the other hand can not be either recycled or composted once combined with food waste.

Our Coffee Machine is a new cutting edge design which has been designed with an ultra low energy consumption.